Volltext: Monatszeitschrift II (1899 / Heft 4)

Isondon, 15 Piccadilly, W. 
has the plcasurc ro offer T0 Ärr Connaisseurs the following 
importanr worRs at The priccs afüxcd. 
H  . one volume. folio. giving reproductions cf xbe gg superb 
C R be, Drawings of fuII-lenglh Costume Bgures, with an ilIusn-axed 
descriptive texx by SIIJNEY COLVIN, Keeper of xhe Prims in lhe British Museum, 
extra cloxh 1898 
f xo. xos 
Only 300 copies were produced; more than halfaxe snld m Subscribers 
_', Pxuspecxuses gratis 
  The Decorative 0x Artistic Ceramic Werk, in cclour 
and relief, invented and produced by JOSIAH WEDG- 
woon, F. R. ., etc., a: En-uria, in SzaHordshix-e, x76o-x794. Wizh 67 full-page 
Illustration: in the colour cf the Originals, and srnaller wood-blocks. Biographical 
and descriptive chaplers, a Iist of marks used at Etruria and explanatory {ext to 
each objecx illusxrated by FREDERICK RATHBONE, x vol. impl. folimwith 57 colou- 
red plaxes, cloth xßgß 
1' xo. xos 
Only 200 cwpies wer: printed: more Khan half ar: sold w Subscribers 
_'_ A Prospectus gratis 
SCHRGIßGR (laady Charlotte) English Fans M Fan 
Callected and described, wilh x50 plaxes, folio, hf. morocco x59: 
Published a! f 7. 7: Not sold separately 
____ Foreign Fans anxi Fan Leaves, French, Italian and Gerxnan, x50 plates, 
foho. hf. bd. morocco x8g3 
Published a! 2' 7. 7x Reduced m f 3. 3: 
- zhese two works xogether, 2 vols. folia, hf. murocco 
Published a: f 14. x4s ' Reduced m f 7. 7: 
o: x00 copies printzd, only a limited numbex remain fox sale 
' A Prospectus gratis 
SCHRGIEGR (Isady Charlotte) Playing Cards 0' various 
Ages und 
Coumries, 3 vols. folio, 47g plates, hf. mcrocco x8g2-g3 
Published a! f xx. os 6d Reduced xo 2' 6. Es 
Specimens mm Lady Charlott: senreibers Collection, x00 copies printed 
V01. x. English, Scotch, Dutch, Flernish, x44 plates 
Published a: f 3. x3x 6d Not sold separately 
V01. II. French and Gexman, x56 plates 
Published a: 1' 3. x3s 6d Reduczd to f 2. 2: 
Vol. III. Swiss, Swedish, Russian, Polish, Italian, Spanish and Portu- 
guese, and other Coumries, x49 plates 
Published a: f 3. x3s 6d Reduced to f z. z: 
'Armurie Royale, 
folio, 50 pholo-lixhographic plates of Swedish Armour and Weapons, the (ext by 
Ossbahr, in Swedish and French, cloth Stockholm 1897 
2' z. 88 
Only a Iew copies wer: privately prinxed. This is xhe only authentic wnxk on Scßndinnvian 
Arms and Armnur 
Ü R11 ihe aboue Mark; mag be geen und bought a! Jferren Gerold z} Comp., 
Stephangplat}, Wien.


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