Volltext: Monatszeitschrift II (1899 / Heft 5)

bondon, 15 Piccadilly, W. 
has m0 plcasnlrc T0 offcr m m-r Connaisscurs Thc followingl 
imporrant works m Thc priccs ufflxcd. 
 one volume. folio. giving reproductions cf lhe gg superb 
Drawings of full-length Costume ügu1es,with an illustrated 
descriptive lext by SIDNEY COLVIN, Keeper cf the Prims in zhe British Museum, 
extra Clßlh 1898 
1' 10. 1a: 
Only 300 copies we're produced; mare than hall zre said m Subscrihers 
_'_ Pruspectuses gratis 
  The Decoralive or Artistic Ceramic Werk, in colour 
and relief, invented and produced by jOSlAH WEDG- 
WOOD, F. R. 5., etc" a: Ezruria, in Staffordshire, 1760-1794. Wizh 67 full-page 
illustrations in the colour cf Ihe Originals, and smaller wcod-blocks. Biographical 
and descriptive chapters. 2 list of marks used at Etruria and explanatury tcxt 10 
each objeci illustrated by FREDERICK RATHBONE, 1 vol. impl. fc1io,wi1h 67 colou- 
red plates, cloth 1898 
1' 10. 10x 
Only zoo copies wer: printed; m01: than half are 501a 10 Subscribcrs 
 A Pmspectus gratis 
SCHREIßGR (lsady Charlotte) Gnglish Fans am Fa" 
Collecled and described. wilh 160 plares, folio, hf. rnorocco 1892 
Published a1 1' 7. 75 N01 Sold separately 
j Foreign Fans and Fan Leaves, French, Ixalian and German, 150 plates, 
folio. hf. bd. morocco 1893 
Published a1 .5" 7. 7; Reduced m 1' 3. 3x 
f xhese two works togenhcr, 2 vols. folio, hf. morocco 
Published a1 i" 14. 14.: Reduced to f 7. 73 
o: 100 capies printed. only n limited number remain m: S312 
' A Prospeclus gratis 
SCHREIBER (Iaady Charlotte) Playing Cards cf 111mm 
Ages and 
Countries, 3 vols. folio, 479 plales, hf. morocco 1892-93 
Published at A" 11. os 6d Reduced 10 1' 6. 6x 
Specimens from Lady Charlatte Schrzibcfs Collcctißn. 100 copies printcd 
Vol. 1. English, Scoxch. Dutch, Flemish. 144 plaxes 
Published a! 1' 3. 133 6d Not Sold separately 
Voi. II. French and German, 156 plates 
Published at 1' 3. 135 6d Reduced to 1' 2. 2x 
V0]. XII. Swiss, Swedish. Russian, Polish. ltalian, Spanish and Portu- 
guese, and other Countries. 14g plztes 
Published a! 1' 3. 13: 6d Reduced w f 2. z: 
PArmurie Royale, 
folio, 50 phom-lithographic plates of Swedish Armour and Weapons, lhe text by 
Ossbahr, in Swedish and French. cloth Stockholm 1897 
1' 2. 8: 
Only afew copies war: privakcly printed. This i.- 1h: only authentic work an Scandinavian 
Arms and Armour 
M" Äll he above Werk; may be geen und bought a! Xerren Gerold Q Camp" 
Stephangplaig, Wien.


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