Volltext: Monatszeitschrift II (1899 / Heft 1)

laondan, 15 Piccadillg, W. 
has rhc olcasurc to otfcr T0 Ärt Connaisseurs rhc following 
important works a! mc priccs afüxcd. 
 one volume, folio, giving reproductions of the 99 superb 
, Drawings of full-length Costume Bgures, wilh an illustrated 
descriptive 12:11 by SIDNEY COLVIN, Keeper of the Prints in 1h: British Museum, 
extra cloth 1898 
1' 1c. xos 
Only 30a cupies wer: pmduced; more lhln 11111111 501d w Subscribcrs 
_',_ Pxospecmses gratis 
  The Decoraxive o1 Anistic Ceramic Work. in colour 
and relief, invemed and produccd by JOSIAH WEDG- 
woon, F, R. 5., am, a1 Etruria, in Staffordshire, 1760-1794. Wixh 67 full-page 
illustrations in 1h: colour of the Originals, and smaller wood-blocks. Biographical 
and descriptive chapters, a list cf marks used a1 Etruria and explanatory text to 
each objecx illustrated by FREDERICK RATHBONE, 1 vol. impl. folio,wi1h 67 colou- 
xed plates, cloxh 1898 
f 10. 10x 
Only 200 copies wer: printed; more thnn half Ire sold m Subscribers 
_'_ A Prospecrus gratis 
SCHRGIßGR (Isady Charlotte) Gnglish Fans m F" 
Cullecxed and described, wi1h 160 plaxes, folio, hf. momcco 1592 
Published a1 i" 7. 7: Not sold separately 
___ Foreign Fans and Fan Leaves, French, Italian and German, 150 plates, 
folio. hf. bd. morocco 1893 
Published a: 2' 7. 7: Reduced w 2' 3. 3: 
_ xhese two works together, 2 vols. (olio, hf. morocco 
Published a1 f 14. 145 Reduced 10 i" 7. 7: 
o1 100 mpiß Fauna, nnly a nmma number remain for m: 
' A Prospectus grnlis 
SCHRGIßGR (lsady Charlotte) Playing Cards "f "maß 
Ages and 
Countries. 3 vols. folio, 47g plates, hf. morocco 1892-93 
Published a1 1' 11. es 6d Reduced 1o 2' G. 6: 
Specimzns lrom Lady Chnrlon: Schreibefs Collection, 100 copies printzd 
Vol. 1. English, Scozch, Dutch, Flemisb, 144 plates 
Published a1 2' 3. 13x 6d N01 sold separazely 
Vol. IX. French am! German, 155 plates 
Published a: f 3. 13x 6d Reduced 1c 1' 2. 2x 
V01. III. Swiss, Swedish, Russian, Polish, Ilalian, Spanish and Portu- 
guese. and other Counlries, 14g plates 
Published a1 2' 3. 133 6d Reduced 10 2' 2. 2x 
SWGDISH ARMOOR am) cosrome. 1A. 
'Armurie Royale, 
folic. 50 pholo-lithographic plates cf Swedish Armour and Weapons, the text by 
Ossbahr, in Swedish and French, cloth Stockholm 1897 
r z. B: 
Only a (ew copies wer: privitely printed. This i; m: Qmy nuthemic work an Scandinnvian 
Arms und Armour 
n" II the above Mark; may be geen und bought a! Jferren Gerold Q Comp., 
Stephangplat}, Wien.


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