Volltext: Monatszeitschrift II (1899 / Heft 2)

Isondon, 15 Piccadilly, W. 
has mc nlczxsurc m orrcr to Hrt (onnaisscurs mc toilowinq 
inuxwrrant worPs m rhc privcs axffxcd. 
 gne voxurne. folio, giving reproduclions of Ihe 99 superb 
rawings cf full-length Costume Flgures. with an illustrated 
descriptive text by SIDNEY COLVXN, Keeper of xhe Prims in xhe British Museum. 
extra cloth r898 
1' m. 10. 
Only 300 capics wcre produced: mor: than half ar: Sold (c Subscribcrs 
' Prosprctuszs gratis 
  The Decorative or Artistic Ceramic Work. in colour 
and rclief, invented and produced by JOSIAH WEDG- 
W000. F. R. 5.. ein, a1 Etruria. in StalTordshire. 17504794. Wixh 67 full-page 
illustrations in khe culour ofthe Originals, and smalXer wood-blocks. Biographical 
and descriplive chapters, a Iist cf marks used at Etruria and explanalory text K0 
each ohject illustrated by FREDERICK RATHBONE. 1 vol. impl. folimwith 67 colou- 
red plates. cloth 1898 
1' I0. m x 
omy wo copies were printed: mnr: lhan half an: 501d m Subscribem 
 A Praspectus grau; 
SCHREIBER (bady Charlotte) Gnglish Fans andFa" 
Collected and described. wixh x60 plates, folio. hf. morocco 1892 
Published 21 f 7. 7x Not Sold separately 
7 Foreign Fans and Fan Leaves, French. Ixalian and Gcrman, x50 plates. 
folio. hf. bd. morocco 1893 
Published a: A" 7. 7.x Reduced m 1' 3. 3x 
7 lhese zwo works mgezher, 2 vols. folio. hf. moroccn 
Published a! .1" I4. x4s Reduced to 1' 7. 7.x 
01 m capies printed, only a limitcd numlmr remain m S316 
' A Prospectus gratis 
SCHREIBER (laady Charlotte) Playing Cards 0' V-"io"; 
Ages and 
Coumnes, 3 vcls. folio, 47g plates, hf. morocco xligz-gg 
Published a! 1' 11.0.? 6d Reduced to A" 6. 6 s 
Specimens FrJm Lady Charlam: Schreiber": Collcctiun. 100 copies printcd 
Vol. x. English. Scorch. Durch, Flemish. x44 plates 
Published al. 1' 3. 135 6d Not 501d separate y 
V01. Il. French and German, x56 plates 
Published at 1' 3. I3: 6d Reduced (o 1' 2. 2 x 
V01. III. SwisS. Swedish. Russian, Polish, ltalian, Spanish and Portu- 
guese. and ozher Coumries. 14g plates 
Published at 2' 3. x35 6d Reduced to 1' z. 23 
m swemsn ARMOUR mvo cosrugvxe. A- 
l'Armurie Royale. 
folio, 50 phuxo-lilhographic plaxes of Swedish Armour and Weapons, the (ext by 
Ossbahr, in Swedish and French, clolh Stockholm 1897 
1' z. 8.x 
Only 1 few cupies wcle privawly printed. Thxs i; m: only authentic work on Scandinavmn 
Arms and Armour 
I" All the aboue Uork; may be geen und bought a! Karren Gerold 6- Comp., 
Stepharßplatg, Wien.


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