Volltext: Monatszeitschrift II (1899 / Heft 3)

bondon, 15 Piccadilly, W. 
has the nlcasure T0 otfcr T0 Ärr Connaisseurs the following 
important worRs aT Thc priccs afüxcd. 
 one volume, folio, giving reproducxions oI lhe 99 superb 
, Drawings of full-lengkh Coslum: ügures, with an illuslrated 
descriptive (ext by SIDNEY COLVIN, Keeper of lhe Prints in lhe British Museum. 
extra clolh 1898 
1' 10. xas 
Only 300 copics wer: produced; m01: than half nre sold (u Suhscribers 
f, Prospecxuses gratis 
  The Decoraxive er Artistic Ceramic Work, in co!our 
and relief, invenled and produced by jüSlAl-I WEDG- 
WOOD, F. R. S., 2:0., a: Etruria, in Staffordshire, 1760-1794. Wixh 67 fuII-page 
illustrations in the colour o! the Originals, and smaller wood-hlocks. Bingraphical 
and descriptive chapters, a list of rnarks used a: Etruxia and explanatory xext to 
each object illustraled by FREDERICK RATHBDNE, x vol. impI. foliqwilh 67 colou- 
rerl plates, clolh 1898 
f xo. xos 
Only zoo copies wer: printed; mor: thnn nur m sold w Subscribers 
 A Prospectus gratis 
SCHRGIßGR (bady Charlotte) Gnglish Fans "d F" 
Colleczed and described, wixh x60 plaxes, folio. hf. morocco 18g: 
Published a: 1' 7. 7s Not sold separately 
_ Foreign Fans and Fan Leaves, French, lxalian and German, 150 plates. 
folio. hf. bd. morocco X893 
Published a: 2' 7. 7s Reduced m 1' 3. 35 
- lhese two works together, z vols. (oliv, hf. morocco 
Published a: f I4. 14x Reduced to 1' 7. 7: 
o; wo copies printed, nnly 11 limimd number remnin for sale 
' A Pruspectus gratis 
SCHREIBER (bady Charlotte) Playing Cards 0' VEHWS 
Ages and 
Counzries. 3 vols. foliv, 479 Plans, hf. morocco x8gz-g3 
Published a: f n. os 5d Reduced m i" 5. 6x 
Specimens from Lnay Charlotte Schreiben": Cnllection, xoo copies printed 
Vol. 1. English. Scotch, Dutch. Flemish, 144 plates 
Published a: 2' 3. x3s 6d Not sold separately 
Vol. II. French and Gen-nan, x56 plates 
Published a! f 3. 13: 6d Reduczd to f 2. z: 
Vol. lII. Swiss, Swedish, Russian, Polish, ltalian. Spanish and Portu- 
guese. and olher Coumries, 149 plates 
Published n! f 3. 13: 5:1 Reduced (o f z. z: 
m SWEDISH ARMOOR AND cosroyxe. rmmuümoyale: 
-' foIio, 50 phozo-Iithographic plates of Swedish Armour und Weapons. the text hy 
Ossbahr, in Swedish and French, cloth Stockholm X897 
f z. 8: 
Only nfzw copies wer: pnvnmy printed. This is m: only authentic work on Scindinlviln 
Anna und Afmnu! 
IPÄII the above Mark; may be geen and bought a! Jferren Gerold ß- Comp., 
Stephangplat}, Uien.


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