Volltext: Monatszeitschrift II (1899 / Heft 7)

bondon, 15 Piccadilly, W. 
lms mc plcasurc to 0ffcl' to iXrr Connaisscurs m0 following} 
imnowant worRs at Thc nriccs (lfÜXCG. 
 one volume, folio, giving reproductions of the gg superb 
Drawings of full-Iength Costume flgures, with an illustrated 
descripxive Iext by SIDNEY COLVIN, Keeper of xhe Prints in zhe Brizish Museum, 
extra cloth 1898 
25' m. xos 
Only 300 copies wer: produccd; mor: than hau ar: sold xo Subscribers 
 Prospecluscs gratis 
  The Decorative or Artistic Ceramic Work, in colour 
and relief, invemed and produced by JOSIAH WEDG- 
WOOD, F. R. S., etc" a! Etruria, in Staffordshire, 17604794. Wixh 67 full-page 
illustrations in the colour of the Originals. and smaller wood-blocks. Biographical 
and descriptive chapters, a list of marks used a: Etruria and explanatory text lo 
each object illuslrated by FRI-JDERICK RATI-IEONE. x vol. impl. folio, with 67 colou- 
red plates. ClOlh 1898 
f xo. xos 
Only 200 cupies wer: printed: more than hau are 501d m Subscribers 
_'_ A Prospcctus gratis 
SCHRGIßGR (Iaady Charlotte) Gnglish Fans "d Fan 
Collected and described, with x60 plates, folio, hf. morocco 1892 
Published at f 7. 7x Not sold separately 
t Foreign Fans and Fan Leaves, French, Italian and German, x50 plates. 
folio. hf. bd. morocco 1893 
Published a1 1' 7. 7x Reduced to f 3. 3x 
f these two works togelher, 2 vols. folio, hf. morocco 
Published at 1' 14. x45 Reduced xo 5' 7. 7: 
or X00 copies printud, only a limited number remain for sal: 
' A Prospectus gratis 
SCHRGIßGR (Iaady Charlotte) Playing Cards 0' minus 
Ages and 
Coumries, 3 vols. folio, 47g plates, hf. morocco 1892-93 
Published a! 2' n. o: 6d Reduced lo 2' 6. Es 
Specimcns 1mm Lady Charlone Schreibefs Cullecxion, xoc copxes printed 
Vol. x. English. Scotch, Durch, Flemish, x44 plaxes 
Published a: 1' 3. x33 6d Not sold separalely 
Vol. II. French and German, x56 plates 
Published a! f 3. x33 6d Reduced to 1' 2. 2: 
V0]. III. Swiss, Swedish, Russian, Polish. Italizn, Spanish and Portu- 
guese. and umher Countries, x49 plales 
Published a: f 3. 13x 6d Reduced to f 2. 2x 
swemsn ARMOUR zum cosrvme; 1A- 
'Armurie Royale, 
folio, 50 phntc-lithographic plales of Swedish Armour and Weapons, the text by 
Ossbahr, in Swedish and French, clcnh Stockholm X897 
f 2. 8: 
Only a few copics wen: privalcly printed. This is m: only authentic work an Scandinavian 
Arms and Armour 
r Äll the aboue Mark; may be yeen und boughf a! Karren Gerold G Camp, 
Stepharßplaf}, Wien.


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