Volltext: Monatszeitschrift II (1899 / Heft 9)

Isondon, 15 Piccadilly, W." 
uns thc pleasure T0 offer T0 Ärt Connaisseurs fhe following 
important works a? thc prices afüxed. 
 one volume, folio, giving reproductions cf the gg superb 
' Drawings offuII-lengxh Cosxume fxgures, wixh an illustrated 
descriptive text by SIDNEY COLVIN, Keeper o! xhe Prints in the British Museum, 
extra cloth 1898 
f m. xos 
Dnly 300 cupies wer: produced; mnre than mit are Sßld m Subscribcrs 
_'_ Prospectuses gratis 
  The Decoralive or Artistic Ceramic Work, in colour 
and relief, invented and produced by jOSIAH WEDG- 
WOOD, F. R. 5., elc., a: Etruria, in Staffordshire, 176a-x7g4. Wich 67 full-page 
illustrazions in mhe cnlour ofthe Originals, and smaller wond-blocks. Biographical 
and descriptive chapters, a lisz cf marks used a: Etruria and explanatnry text to 
each ohject illustraled by FREDERICK RATHBONE, 1 vol. impl. folimwith 67 colou- 
red plates, clnlh 1893 
f xo. IOS 
Only Ion copics wer: printed; more than halt im 50m w Subscribers 
 A Pi-ospmiis gratis 
SCHREIBER (bady Charlotte) Gnglish Fans andFßn 
Collected and described, Wilh x60 plates, folio, hf. morocca X392 
Published an f 7. 7: Not sold separately 
i Foreign Fans and Fan Leaves, French, Italian and German, x50 plates, 
folio. hf. bd. morocco 1893 
Published a: 2' 7. 7x Reduced to f 3. 35 
- these two works together, 2 vols. folio, hf. morocco 
Published a: f 14. x4s Reduced w f 7. 73 
01 10a copics printed. Only a limitcd numblr remain far Sall: 
' A PIOSPECUIS gratis 
SCHREIBER (lsady Charlotte) Playing Cards w  
Ages and 
Countries. 3 vols. folio, 47g plates, hf. morocco 1892-93 
Published am f n. os 6d Reduced ro 2' 6. 6: 
Specimens from Lady Charlott: Schreibefs Collection. IDG copies printed 
Vol. 1. English, Scotch, Durch. Flemish, 144 plates 
Published a! 2' 3. 13: 6d Not sold Separately 
Vol. II. Frei-ich and German, x56 plates 
Published a: i" 3. 13: 6d Reduced to f 2. zs 
Vol. III. Swiss, Swedish, Russian, Polish, Italian, Spanish and Portu- 
guese, and olher Countries, 14g plates 
Published at f 3. x3s 5d Reduced lo f z. zs 
f l  Ärmurie Royale, 
3 folio, 50 pholo-lithographic plates of Swedish Armour and Weapons, the text by 
Osshahr, in Swedish and French, clozh Stockholm x8g7 
"E26. 192.83 
Only a fcw copies wer: privately pfinkßd. This i: m: Only aulhentic wer): On scanaiiizviaii 
Arms und Armollr. 
t ÄII the aboue Mark; may be geen und bofzght a! Jferren Gerold Q Camp 
Slephamplatg, Wien.


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