Volltext: Monatszeitschrift III (1900 / Heft 1)

bondon, 15 Piccadilly, W. 
has rhe pleasure to orfßr T0 Ärt Connaisseurs the following 
imporrant works a7 The prices afüxed. 
N one volume, folio giving reproductions of (h: 99 superb 
  Drawings of full-Izangth Costume fnguxes, with an illustrated 
descriplive zen by SIDNEY COLVIN, Keeper of zhe Prims in the British Museum, 
extra cloth 1898 
2' xo. xos 
Dnly 30a copies were pxnduced; more Khan m11 are sold m Subscribers 
_'_ Pxospectuses gratis 
  The Decorative er Artislic Ceramic Werk, in colcux 
and relief, invented and produced by jnslAH WEDG- 
WOOD, F. R. 5„ exc., a: Etruria, in Sraffoxdshire, x76o-x7g4. Wim 67 fulI-page 
illustraxions in the coloux of the Originals, and smaller wood-blocks. Biugraphical 
and descriptive chaptexs, a Iist of marks used a: Etruria and explanatory (ext to 
each object illustrated by FREDERICK RATHBONE, x voI. impl. folimwith 57 colou- 
red plates, clolh 1898 
f xu. xos 
Only 200 copies were printed; man: um halt are Sold m Subscribers 
_'_ A Prospectus gratis 
SCHRGIßGR (Iaady Charlotte) English Fans am Fa" 
Ccllecxed and described, wizh x60 plaxes, folio, hf. morocco 1892 
Published at f 7. 7x Not sold separaxely 
_ Foreign Fans and Fan Leaves. French, Ixalian and Gerrnan, x50 plates, 
folio. hf. bd. moxocco 1893 
Published am 2' 7. 7: Reduced to f 3. 3: 
- lhese two works togethex, z voIs. folio, hf. moxocco 
Published a! f xq. 14x Reduced to f 7. 7: 
Of loo cupies pxinted, only a limitcd nurnbex remain In! Sa]: 
A Prospectus gratis 
SCHREIBER (bady Charlotte) Playing Cards 0' vßrim 
Ages and 
Counnies, 3 vols. folio, 479 plates, hf. morocco X8g2-g3 
Published a: f xx. os 6d Reduced to f 6. 6x 
Specimcns frnm Lady Chaxlun: Schreibers Cnllection, xoo cnpies printerl 
Vol. x. English, Scotch, Durch, Flemish, x44 plates 
Published at f 3. x35 6d Not soId separately 
Vol. II. Fxench and German, x56 plates 
Published a: f 3. x3s 6d Reduced to f z. z: 
V01. III. Swiss, Swedish, Russian, Polish, Italian, Spanish and Portu- 
guese, and other Coumries, x49 plates 
Published a! f 3. x33 6d '_'VReduced to f 2. z: 
I'Armurie Royale, 
folio, 5c photo-liüxographic plales of Swedish Armour and Weapons, xhe text by 
Ossbahr, in Swedish and French, cloth Stockholm x8g7 
.9 2. S: 
Only a rew cnpies were privltely printed. This is the unly authentic work an Scandinnvian 
Arms und Armour. 
r Äll the above Mark; may be geen und bought a! Xerren Gerold 8- Comp., 
Stephansplatg, Wien.


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